2019 Irish Spirit – 8 Days/7 Nights or  9 Days/8 Nights


Authentic Local Experiences

  • There’s no shortage of “traditional Irish pubs” in Killarney! Head out for an evening and chat with locals over a pintand some music
  • Take a horse-drawn jaunting car ride through Killarney National Park to Ross Castle as in days gone by
  • Visit the Jameson Experience and learn the story of Irish whiskey.

Dining Experiences

  • 5 dinners (D) dinners including a fun Irish Night in Killarney, and a traditional Irish dinner and show at the Abbey Tavern
  • 1 Lunch (L)
  • 8 breakfasts (B)

Trip Highlights

Hotels – 9 Nights

Day 1 Dublin Tour & GPO Museum

Tour begins 2:00 PM at your Dublin hotel. Meet your guide and set off on a tour of central Dublin. Highlights include the shopping areas around Grafton and Nassau Streets, Dublin’s elegant Georgian squares, and a drive long the wide O’Connell Street. Visit the GPO Museum and enjoy a welcome drink before dining independently at one of Dublin’s many restaurants or pubs.


Day 2 Kilkenny Castle & Waterford Crystal

Enjoy the Irish countryside as you head to the city of Kilkenny to visit Kilkenny Castle, which was the principal residence of the powerful Butler family for almost 600 years. Immerse yourself in its rich history through its collection of portraits and artefacts. Witness the creation of crystal masterpieces by skilled glass blowers and cutters during your visit to the House of Waterford Crystal. After dinner, take a gentle walking tour of Waterford with a local guide to learn about the region’s history. (B, D)


Day 3 Jameson Experience & Blarney Castle

Head out to County Cork to Midleton for a tour of the Jameson Experience, a journey through the story and making of Irish whiskey complete with a sample at the end. Next up, treat yourself to quality Irish-made goods at the Blarney Woollen Mills Then visit the famous Blarney Castle with a climb to the top to kiss the “Stone of Eloquence” or enjoy a walk through the lovely parklands and gardens. Head to Killarney, a small town that’s big on glorious scenery. After dinner, you may want to explore town on your own, perhaps sampling a lively pub or two. (B, D)


Day 4 Ring of Kerry & Irish Night

Start your day with a jaunting car ride through the Killarney National Park to Ross Castle for views of Lough Leane and the Macgillycuddy’s Reeks Mountains. Then set out on Ireland’s most popular scenic drive, the Ring of Kerry. Cross over to Valentia Island and learn about the island of Skellig Michael, home of early Christian monks and where scenes from the film “Star Wars VII” were filmed. Stop in the charming village of Sneem and at Moll’s Gap for panoramic mountain views. In the evening, head out for an Irish night of dinner and a traditional show.(B, D)


Day 5 Cliffs of Moher & The Lodge at Ashford Castle

Embark on a memorable ferry ride across the River Shannon Estuary. Take in the spectacular beauty of the Cliffs of Moher, soaring 700 feet above the Atlantic surf. Relax as you travel through the Burren and on to Cong where your hotel sits within the magnificent 350-acre estate of Ashford Castle. Take time to relax before dinner in the Lodge.(B, D)


Day 6 Lough Corrib Cruise & Connemara

Enjoy a scenic cruise of Lough Corrib on board the Corrib Princess. Dine on a casual lunch at Eddies of Clonbur, a traditional pub. Explore scenic Connemara and the crossroads known as the Maam Cross. Return to the Lodge at Ashford so that you may enjoy many of the facilities it has to offer. (B, L)


Day 7 Clonmacnoise Monastic Site & Dublin’s Abbey Tavern

Head to the center of the country to visit Clonmacnoise. This monastic settlement was founded in 545 AD by St. Ciaran and is set on the banks of the mighty River Shannon. See elaborate High Celtic crosses decorated with biblical scenes. Continue your journey to Dublin and enjoy the fishing village of Howth on the north side of the city. Finish up your tour at the popular Abbey Tavern with a hearty dinner and a lively show of traditional music, songs and step-dancing. (B, D)


Day 8 Clonmacnoise Monastic Site & Dublin’s Abbey Tavern

( 8 Day tour ends after breakfast)

Enjoy your day with an independent Dublin open-top bus tour and a visit to one of Dublin’s top attractions -- Guinness Storehouse, Teeling Distillery, EPIC Ireland, or the General Post Office Museum. In the evening, dine at one of the many restaurants or pubs that Dublin has to offer. (B)


Day 9 Tour Ends in Dublin

Your tour ends after breakfast.(B)

B: Breakfast; L: Lunch; D: Dinner

START END PRICE 9 Days  8 Days
SaturdayMar 9, 2019from Dublin SundayMar 17, 2019to Dublin9 Days $2630 $2385
ThursdayMar 21, 2019from Dublin FridayMar 29, 2019to Dublin9 Days $2565 $2320
SaturdayMar 23, 2019from Dublin SundayMar 31, 2019to Dublin9 Days $2630 $2385
SaturdayMar 30, 2019from Dublin SundayApr 7, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3145 $2835
ThursdayApr 4, 2019from Dublin FridayApr 12, 2019to Dublin9 Days $2890 $2645
ThursdayApr 11, 2019from Dublin FridayApr 19, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3470 $3160
SaturdayApr 13, 2019from Dublin SundayApr 21, 2019to Dublin9 Days $2890 $2645
SaturdayApr 20, 2019from Dublin SundayApr 28, 2019to Dublin9 Days $2890 $2645
ThursdayApr 25, 2019from Dublin FridayMay 3, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3145 $2900
SaturdayApr 27, 2019from Dublin SundayMay 5, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3210 $2965
SaturdayMay 4, 2019from Dublin SundayMay 12, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3355 $3095
ThursdayMay 9, 2019from Dublin FridayMay 17, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3480 $3225
ThursdayMay 16, 2019from Dublin FridayMay 24, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3545 $3290
SaturdayMay 18, 2019from Dublin SundayMay 26, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3675 $3415
SaturdayMay 25, 2019from Dublin SundayJun 2, 2019to Dublin9 Days $4255 $3935
ThursdayMay 30, 2019from Dublin FridayJun 7, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3740 $3480
ThursdayJun 6, 2019from Dublin FridayJun 14, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3790 $3545
SaturdayJun 8, 2019from Dublin SundayJun 16, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3790 $3545
ThursdayJun 13, 2019from Dublin FridayJun 21, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3790
ThursdayJun 20, 2019from Dublin FridayJun 28, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3790
SaturdayJun 22, 2019from Dublin SundayJun 30, 2019to Dublin9 Days $4370
SaturdayJun 29, 2019from Dublin SundayJul 7, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3725 $3480
ThursdayJul 4, 2019from Dublin FridayJul 12, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3725 $3480
ThursdayJul 11, 2019from Dublin FridayJul 19, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3725 $3480
SaturdayJul 13, 2019from Dublin SundayJul 21, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3725 $3480
ThursdayJul 18, 2019from Dublin FridayJul 26, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3725 $3480
SaturdayJul 20, 2019from Dublin SundayJul 28, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3725 $3480
SaturdayJul 27, 2019from Dublin SundayAug 4, 2019to Dublin9 Days $4305 $4000
ThursdayAug 1, 2019from Dublin FridayAug 9, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3725 $3480
SaturdayAug 3, 2019from Dublin SundayAug 11, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3725 $3480
SaturdayAug 10, 2019from Dublin SundayAug 18, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3725 $3480
ThursdayAug 15, 2019from Dublin FridayAug 23, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3790 $3545
SaturdayAug 17, 2019from Dublin SundayAug 25, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3725 $3480
SaturdayAug 24, 2019from Dublin SundaySep 1, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3660 $3415
ThursdayAug 29, 2019from Dublin FridaySep 6, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3725 $3480
ThursdaySep 5, 2019from Dublin FridaySep 13, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3790 $3545
SaturdaySep 7, 2019from Dublin SundaySep 15, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3725 $3480
SaturdaySep 14, 2019from Dublin SundaySep 22, 2019to Dublin9 Days $4180 $3935
ThursdaySep 19, 2019from Dublin FridaySep 27, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3660 $3415
SaturdaySep 21, 2019from Dublin SundaySep 29, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3535 $3290
ThursdayOct 3, 2019from Dublin FridayOct 11, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3340 $3095
SaturdayOct 5, 2019from Dublin SundayOct 13, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3275 $3030
ThursdayOct 10, 2019from Dublin FridayOct 18, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3275 $3030
SaturdayOct 12, 2019from Dublin SundayOct 20, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3275 $3030
ThursdayOct 24, 2019from Dublin FridayNov 1, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3015 $2770
SaturdayOct 26, 2019from Dublin SundayNov 3, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3015 $2770
SaturdayNov 9, 2019from Dublin SundayNov 17, 2019to Dublin9 Days $2695 $2450
SaturdayNov 16, 2019from Dublin SundayNov 24, 2019to Dublin9 Days $3275 $2965
SaturdayNov 30, 2019from Dublin SundayDec 8, 2019to Dublin9 Days $2630 $2385